5 Popular Foods that Must Not be Kept in Refrigerators

Though fridges are intended to preserve several food types, other foods must not be subjected to chilly temperatures. For these food types, the low temperature can actually change their texture, taste, and even makes decay faster. What foods can be greatly affected if chilled? From tomatoes to bread, check out the list of food that you should never put in your refrigerators: 

Determining which foods that you must never place in your fridge will depend on the ingredients of a specific food. Some items’ internal structure or outer covering can really be enhanced by warmer temperatures and destroyed by cool temperatures. To give you some idea, here are some of the popular foods that actually remain preserved and taste better if stored out of the refrigerator.? 


Similar to other foods, tomatoes should only be stored on a countertop and out of the rays of the sun. If you pick your tomatoes, make sure to leave a little of its vine to keep them become fresher for a longer time. Then, you can place cut leftovers in your fridge.? 


Whole beans tend to seep in the humidity of the refrigerator. Consequently, condensation develops on its surface. This moisture can penetrate the delicate flavors of the beans, which only makes them tasteless and bland. Moreover, ground coffee can absorb other odors of food, which can alter its taste permanently. Make sure not to put your coffee in your fridge and put it in a dark place instead—similar to a kitchen cabinet. Utilize an airtight container for grounds and beans to keep moisture at bay.? 


Potatoes are made up of complex carbs that can be changed if subjected to cold environments. The cold makes the starches of the potatoes seem gritty once cooked. Plus, it causes a sweet yet unnatural taste to it. If you want to maximize the flavor of uncooked and raw potatoes, it’s best to keep them in a dark and cool place. A basket or drawer in a dark pantry is the best storage area. 

Entire melons 

The cool temperatures of a refrigerator can really halt any fruit’s ripening process. As a result, it can limit their full range of flavor. Moreover, keeping them in the fridge can stop the development of the essential oxidants, which make every melon healthier. Hence, as the melons are still ripening and hole, it’s best to keep them on your countertop. After the melons got ripe, that’s when you can store any of its leftovers or cut in a covered container in your fridge for up to 3 days.? 


If you store bread in the fridge, it could be dried out. This can alter its structure, which makes it feel tough and taste stale. Instead, the best storing place for bread would be in a breadbox, a dark pantry, or the countertop. When you plan not to finish the entire loaf within many days, you can still keep it in the freezer and eat it if you want.? 

Freezer and refrigerator storage tips won’t be as helpful if your reliable appliance bogs you down. In case of any?appliance repairs Kansas City, MO?needs, contact us today.? 

Signs You Need to Have your Basement Professionally Waterproofed

A lot of property owners tend to overlook the basement over other parts of their home. However, what they fail to know is that it’s extremely crucial to guarantee that their basements are protected from the accumulation of moisture since their basement is the major part of the foundation, which is highly prone to water damage. If you still don’t know how to know when to get your basement professionally waterproofed, check out the warning signs that you need to pay attention to: 


Small cracks in the floor and wall are typically seen within every property due to the manner gravity impacts a building over time. However, it’s highly recommended to pay close attention to the cracks you can see in your basement. Anything that’s wider or lingers than 1 inch could be cause for problems. Through erosion, water damage can create cracks and expand and freezing during the winter season. Meaning, that particular water damage can result in structural issues within your home.? 


Water damage can result in different types of unpleasant odors within your basement. When your basement is musty or smells like mildew, then consider that as an obvious sign that there’s an accumulation of water located in a place where it shouldn’t be. At times, damp smells can be a sign of a humidity issue. However, when your basement smells bad but doesn’t display any indications of water damage, it would be best to get it inspected by the experts to guarantee that there isn’t a major underlying issue happening below the surface.? 


Upon investigating whether you need?basement waterproofing, make sure to make use of your eyes. Once you can see signs of discoloration nearly anywhere within your basement—from appliances to carpeting to walls—that could imply that you have a moisture issue. Discoloration can show up in several ways. A lot of people can instantly spot what mold appears like.? 

Once you can observe darkening on your furniture, drywall, or carpets, there’s a possibility that your basement has mildew or mold. Apart from that, peeling paint is among the indicators of moisture problems as well and can indicate excess moisture. Moreover, pay attention to signs of wall cracks.? 


The development of mold is among the clearest warning indications of excess water. When it comes to mold development, it’s vital to keep in mind that it can spread more quickly and much farther than it looks. Hence, even if you can only see a small mold amount on the walls of your basement, there’s a possibility that there could be more accumulation of mold going on that’s not visible.? 


Ultimately, efflorescence is one of those water damage indicators that many people don’t know about. Efflorescence happens when the water washes up minerals—such as salt—onto the surface. This issue could be visible and emerge through wall cracks while the material of the building leaks out. You will observe efflorescence as a white substance that makes streaks along the floor or walls.? 


Hacks to Hire the Best Concrete Contractors

Not all contractors can provide you everything that you want at all times. Hence, you should look for factors if you want to choose the best concrete contractor in town. Check out this checklist to have a contractor that will surely do well in the job you want to be done: 


Don’t forget to check the reviews from other clients. You may get a few reviews that can be very helpful in the option you decide. If you can observe that most of the reviews are all about the contractor’s poor communication skills, then trust what they say and try to look for another contractor to hire.? 

Insurance policies and rates 

The rate should never be your sole factor upon choosing a concrete contractor but prices must be taken into consideration as well. Once you notice very low rates when all the competitors have the same rates, you may need to ask about how come the rates are extremely low. Remember that low rates don’t always mean long-lasting and good quality work. With this in mind, it’s best to get an estimate in writing and do not verbally agree to anything. Moreover, ask about what the contractor’s insurance policies hold. See to it that you won’t get liability risks while their team is working on your property.? 

Work portfolio 

Do not forget to check out a concrete contractor’s work portfolio of the projects that they have completed. Concrete contractors should be able to prepare and give you this willingly. Regardless if you want to pour a new patio, you are searching for driveway leveling service,?foundation repair St Louis MO, or you want to get aesthetic decorative concrete, you have to take a glimpse of what you will be having. If you look at such pictures, guarantee that you won’t only take note of the appalling before and after of the product, but also pay attention to the workmanship’s quality and how well the area was cleared after the job was completed. After you can observe this, you can determine how the contractor takes care of your property and how skilled they are when it comes to their field.? 

Years of experience 

As you search for a concrete contractor, it is crucial to find out how long they have been working in the industry and whether they are trained and certified to do the work. Years of experience won’t just guarantee you that they’ve been able to remain and thrive within this particular business for a long time, but also this implies something more. If a contractor has already undergone several years of experience, it means that they have surely gained a lot of techniques, skills, and knowledge compared to those who are still amateur and new to this business.? 

Most of the things in this world are learned through experience that you cannot learn in any training. Skilled concrete contractors who have many years of experience will be your best option if you want to get an optimal outcome. Although, there are some other things that you must search for.? 


Importance of Concrete Leveling

Try to take a look out of your back door or into your front yard. Can you notice a cracked driveway or an uneven sidewalk with crooked concrete that requires concrete leveling? What about a patio that seems sloping? All of such issues can be eyesores, which can be fixed with concrete leveling. In most cases, replacing concrete is not required at all. In this article, we will be discussing the major reasons why concrete leveling is important. 

Bigger issues can take place 

Once you have a crooked surface or you can observe cracks in your cement, you might perceive it as an isolated incident. Although, you can possibly have several underlying concrete issues that you don’t realize are occurring. Try to closely observe your crooked concrete and try to think about what it’s trying to tell you. Perhaps, it could be implying that the soil is shifting, which can also result in problems with your settling foundation. Or when a large tree can be seen close to your house, this can also impact your foundation and causing your walls to bow.? 

Water issues 

If you have ever observed crooked sideways while there’s a rainstorm, you probably know what we mean here. If rain pours, water tends to pool especially in lower areas. When your driveway or sidewalk has a dip in it, the entire water will be pooling there during a storm. Once the temperature becomes sufficiently cold to freeze, such water can make slippery spots and enlarge within any cracks. As a result, your cement can get even more damage. Even if it does not freeze, water will fill the cement and can only make it more susceptible to cracking and more fragile. If your concrete has problems, they don’t simply go away. Instead, they’ll just get fixed with concrete replacement, concrete repair, or?concrete leveling Indianapolis. 

Avoid the risk of tripping 

Most people resort to concrete leveling mainly because of this reason. Concrete leveling won’t just save you from liability issues, but it also helps you and your family to avoid being tripped on uneven surfaces. This is particularly essential during inclement weather and at nighttime. Moreover, cracking and uneven concrete provides the idea that you do not maintain your house when they may not be true at all. The exterior of a house is just as vital as the interior for curb appeal and for resale value. Moreover, pass inspection can be simpler to do when you’re planning to sell your house.? 

Every time you can observe one small issue, it could be a purely simple issue that can be fixed. But keep in mind that there is also a great possibility that everything on your property can be linked because of other issues, outside forces, or the soil. Once you obtain an estimate, request your chosen foundation contractor to have your property foundation inspected as well to search for potential issues that need to be attended to right away. With this, you can be notified about massive issues that could help you save some bucks should you catch them sooner.? 


Things to Know about Mud Jacking

For those who don’t know, mud jacking is a well-known technical process utilized for stabilizing and raining broken or damaged slabs of concrete. This technical process can also be called slab leveling, concrete lifting, or slab-jacking.  

For a lot of years, mud jacking has become extremely popular due to its advantages. This includes clean repair, quick process, cost-effectiveness, and much more.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of things you should know about mudjacking Kansas City. 

What Should You Expect When the Process is Finished? 

Once the mud jacking process is completed, you should expect an evenly-leveled and smooth surface. Unfortunately, you might notice a bit of movement if the ground is not compacted properly. In addition to that, the concrete might break down further if the process is not done properly. This will lead to more damage to your flooring. 

How Much Does Mud Jacking Usually Cost? 

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of a mud jacking service is the company that’s offering it. You’ve got to ensure you ask for the estimate first when selecting a mud jacking company. In general, the cost of a mud jacking service usually runs around $500 to $1,500. On several occasions, the cost might not even be less than $300. The reason for this is that the condition and the size of the surface that requires the mud jacking service plays a huge role in the pricing.  

What Surfaces Can Be Mud Jacked and What Surfaces Can’t? 

Every form of concrete can be mud jacked. This includes school floors, loading bays, warehouse floors, parking lots, basement floors, garage floors, patio flooring, sidewalks, driveways, patio, and any other concrete surface. 

Unfortunately, mud jacking might not be possible on several occasions. This is particularly true if the concrete is extremely damaged. Typically, it is better to replace the concrete surface instead of fixing it. Always consult an expert to determine whether or not your surface can be mud jacked.  

How Much Time Does Mud Jacking Typically Take? 

The answer to this question greatly varies on the form of mud jacking service you have. In general, mud jacking usually takes around 1 to 4 hours. For extensive projects, it might take more than 4 hours. However, the job can be done in a single day.  

When Should You Hire a Mud Jacking Service? 

If there are visible cracks in your concrete surface, mud jacking will be needed. This includes a pool deck, garage floor, basement, patio, walkway, driveway, and much more. The ideal way to figure out whether or not you need mud jacking is to hire a professional to inspect the surface. The professional will examine the surface for its crevices and cracks. Then, they’ll recommend whether or not mud jacking is required for your issue.  

Mud jacking is a fast and easy process to level or fix your concrete surface. Make sure you do your research first before you hire a mud jacking company. This will ensure you get the most out of your money.