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Doctor Facility Specialty

About Island Group

Island Group Administration, Inc. and its principals have been providing self-funded claims administration services, as well as consulting services since 1972. The founders of Island Group have successfully established and/or administered self-funded programs, both in the public sector (Municipalities and School Districts), and private sector. From this base of municipal employers, Island Group has expanded the client base to include many private sector employers who have the same desire as municipal employers; saving dollars while preserving the employee benefits.

Island Group Administration, Inc., officially established its own corporate entity in 1990 and is devoted exclusively to the establishment, design, implementation and administration of self-funded medical, dental, and optical. Many of our clients have facilities, employees and retirees located throughout the United States. We are an approved third party administrator (TPA) by many New York licensed, "A" rated reinsurance companies.

Island Group Administration, Inc., has the expertise and staff resources to provide a client with all of the services and capacity of a major health insurance company, while concurrently providing our client with individualized services necessary and appropriate to a well managed self-funded program.

Island Group Administration, Inc., through the usage of our Participating Provider Organization, provides a unique benefit to our client employers and employees. The plan participants enjoy increased benefits, ie. lower deductibles and coinsurance, assignment of benefits though direct billing, ease of claim filing, etc. Our client employers save claim dollars each and every time a plan participant uses a PPO provider. Our PPO network was developed around the physicians, dentists and practitioners that our clients' employees actually use. We do not canvas an area merely to enroll providers, as these are just a listing of names. Unlike an HMO program, the plan participants have the free choice of any practitioner, and/or a member of the PPO. This provides the utmost flexibility within the self funded program.

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