Signs You Need to Have your Basement Professionally Waterproofed

A lot of property owners tend to overlook the basement over other parts of their home. However, what they fail to know is that it’s extremely crucial to guarantee that their basements are protected from the accumulation of moisture since their basement is the major part of the foundation, which is highly prone to water damage. If you still don’t know how to know when to get your basement professionally waterproofed, check out the warning signs that you need to pay attention to: 


Small cracks in the floor and wall are typically seen within every property due to the manner gravity impacts a building over time. However, it’s highly recommended to pay close attention to the cracks you can see in your basement. Anything that’s wider or lingers than 1 inch could be cause for problems. Through erosion, water damage can create cracks and expand and freezing during the winter season. Meaning, that particular water damage can result in structural issues within your home.? 


Water damage can result in different types of unpleasant odors within your basement. When your basement is musty or smells like mildew, then consider that as an obvious sign that there’s an accumulation of water located in a place where it shouldn’t be. At times, damp smells can be a sign of a humidity issue. However, when your basement smells bad but doesn’t display any indications of water damage, it would be best to get it inspected by the experts to guarantee that there isn’t a major underlying issue happening below the surface.? 


Upon investigating whether you need?basement waterproofing, make sure to make use of your eyes. Once you can see signs of discoloration nearly anywhere within your basement—from appliances to carpeting to walls—that could imply that you have a moisture issue. Discoloration can show up in several ways. A lot of people can instantly spot what mold appears like.? 

Once you can observe darkening on your furniture, drywall, or carpets, there’s a possibility that your basement has mildew or mold. Apart from that, peeling paint is among the indicators of moisture problems as well and can indicate excess moisture. Moreover, pay attention to signs of wall cracks.? 


The development of mold is among the clearest warning indications of excess water. When it comes to mold development, it’s vital to keep in mind that it can spread more quickly and much farther than it looks. Hence, even if you can only see a small mold amount on the walls of your basement, there’s a possibility that there could be more accumulation of mold going on that’s not visible.? 


Ultimately, efflorescence is one of those water damage indicators that many people don’t know about. Efflorescence happens when the water washes up minerals—such as salt—onto the surface. This issue could be visible and emerge through wall cracks while the material of the building leaks out. You will observe efflorescence as a white substance that makes streaks along the floor or walls.?