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Doctor Facility Specialty

Executive Responsiveness

Island Group also provides clients with accessibility to information by responding to their needs and requests with the utmost attention. This is of paramount importance to us corporately.

We remain continually available to the client, and we promote such communication to maintain a functional, effective and quality association with our client. Our company President acting through his corporate officers, rigorously monitors the levels of service received by each client and meets with personnel weekly to assure all the goals and objectives are met.

Disputes over claims payment decisions are reviewed directly by an in-house committee. This committee is the ultimate arbiter of any disputed claims from within the company, and is guided by the general plan parameters in that regard. In the event that a client disputes a claims payment decision, we will meet with the client to discuss the reason for the payment decision, and we will be guided by the client as to the propriety of any unusual payment decision. It is highly unlikely that this would ever occur, however, since any payment decision that is questionable will always be presented to the client directly before making such payment. In addition, any employee or dependent who appeals a claims payment decision will be responded to as required by law. Should the client have an appeals committee in place, Island Group will cooperate and work with the designated committee members to adjudicate and respond to the appeal.

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