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Telephone System-Telephone Accessibility

The telephone system employed by Island Group Administration, Inc. does not make use of an automated voice messaging system. There is no "menu" of choices when an employee or management personnel calls our office: they get through to a real live person. Telephone receptionists at Island Group are expected to respond to calls within a prescribed number of rings, and there is a floor supervisor who monitors this process. Internal promotions are contingent upon consistently meeting or exceeding this standard. Further, no caller is placed on hold for an inordinate amount of time. If the CSR or other party that the caller is seeking is not available, a telephone receptionist will courteously take the caller's message and every effort will be made to return that call by the close of business that day. In the rare instance where that is not possible, the corporate rule of Island Group is that every call must be returned within a 24-hour period. Telephone receptionists are also monitored for courtesy, responsiveness, articulation and other considerations, and strict oversight is maintained by Supervisory personnel.

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